Another week

Another Monday. Another tide of depressing news. We have ten years left, as a race, to save our own lives and the people with the power to actually change things won't do it because it's not profitable.

The Muppet has a minimum of two years in office. My own political representatives are more interested in stabbing each other in the back than they are in getting anything done.

I am watching the human race shoot itself in the foot because a greedy minority prefers to have all the counters over -say- longer lives for everyone.

The good news? One billionaire out of hundreds has decided to make free housing for the community they commenced in. One. Who is going to get the finger pointed at him by a billion trickle-down economists so they can say "our system works!"

Come to think of it, the news isn't that fantastic.

If I had one wish, it would be that the people in charge realise exactly how much trouble this world is in, and how close we all are to catastrophe.

The combined efforts of programmers all over the world prevented the Y2K bug from doing anything. How about the combined efforts of one hundred companies actually doing something good?

I, for one, would love to live in a solarpunk future.