Another fun day

Mayhem is supposed to go to his traineeship, today. He's begging off crook this morning, and claiming that he did not play with his phone all night despite it being right there with him under the covers.

Temperature checks prove that he's nominally human, so I'm making him get ready for his traineeship.

He definitely has the energy to complain and kick up a stink and give me fifteen colours of shit about getting ready for the day, so I maintain that he's healthy enough to work for a day on the stuff they're trying to teach him.

It's telling that neither of my little darlings can see the point of being clean. So I once again rolled out the 'respect for yourself and others around you' speech.

One day, it might make it into their little fluffy brains.

So, once again, I'm up for the long haul. Twice. With no plans to cook anything because I will be BLASTED by the end of the day.

I'm off to have a lot of creamy soup.