And now the end is near...

I've almost finished painting the Kobold, kiddies. That means I'm nearly done with mini painting. At least until such time as I get my Bugbear printed and I paint that one. Or until such time as the other players in my current game want representation. OR until such time as I end up teaching my mini knowledge to a bunch of interested peeps who've somehow roped me into this noise.

...I know how these things go and so do you. Nothing is put away forever.

I should go study up on that gaming system I paid for so I can eventually host some firkin games. Get some DM XP.

The rabbit hole is deep, my friends. Deep, luxurious, and so much fun.

The goal this week is 69K in KOSBOB (nice) and thereafter I am taking a relaxed attitude to novel writing until after New Years' because the holiday season is a clusterfuck at the best of times.

I have relatives to co-ordinate, presents to acquire and thence wrap, a feast to arrange, a house to unfuck...

It's going to be some flavour of fun.

Stay tuned for the madness.