All's well

I did an IPC meeting at Chaos' school today and she is having zero problems with class. I may have also volunteered to help with the English part of the curriculum.

And I'll be talking to a class where some of the kids don't even want to write a sentence. Mind you, the sentence starters are kind of dull and nobody likes sentences like that.

But the way to start a story is with a good sentence. I need to go gather some up. And make sure this school gets a copy of The Amity Incident because its theme is communication.

I passed on what I think is a good idea - magnetic word tiles. This could get the kids who don't want to write or type to put together a sentence. So of course I passed it on.

Beloved has quit their old job full of bad managers who seemed to see my love as the chief fixer of stupid problems they caused by not listening to Beloved and doing their own stupid shit. The process of clearing out, alas, took until 2AM, so the actual resignation may not be handed over until sometime in the afternoon.

Fun stuff.

Meanwhile, I have some USB drives to purchase, two parcels to pick up, one thousand words to write, brats to see safely home, and another doodle to draw before I am done with my obligations.

I'm going to take Sunday off on the doodling, too.

With all good luck, I should have the Sleep Evil Sleep animatic pictures done by sometime in the middle of the year. I'm not stressing out on this. I plan on taking my time and doing good work, this time. Instead of the rushed mess I did shortly after I got my copy of Quintessential.

Then all I have to do is figure out how to animate with that lot. I won't be doing lip-sync. Baby steps. The first of which is get good enough at drawing Rabbit that I can do a consistent face. I think I might invent one that communicates "Rabbit" without relying on Bunny Bennett's constantly-changing look.

At least one of my doodles is going to include a character palette. Watch out for that one, because that means that I'm about to do the thing.

So many projects. So little time.