Aftermath, Part 1

Fun was had, last night. Fun will be had during the wee small hours of tomorrow's AM. I will be WRECKED, but I'm going to enjoy it.

There are the remains of two cakes in the house. One is almost doomed, the other is only initially doomed. I've gained some significant weight, and I might diet all through the rest of this month and the next one... but not today.

Today, I have treats.

I also have a Tiefling Monk who's basically Nightcrawler but WAY more enthusiastic about no-holds-barred casual sex... but is also surprisingly squishy. 7HP will do that to you.

I'm'a be throwing darts a lot until I get my magic bamfing powers, because getting close enough to strike with the sword is hella dangerous RN. I'm getting hate, or at least dislike, from the other characters. Chiefly, "filthy tiefling" despite the fact that they bathe regularly.

This is gonna be fun.

Speaking of fun, I should get on with today's tale.