After the Keto is broken...

I can definitely feel the effects of breaking Keto. Not helped in the slightest by the fact that cake was available, yesterday.

For those of you who are interested:

  • More asthma
  • Less focus
  • Less energy
  • Seeking more carb sources like someone who's mildly addicted

I haven't been off Keto long enough for it to effect my overall emotional balance, but I bet it would. Tomorrow, I'm back on to the good stuff. Salty broth, eggs, and loads of healthy fats.

Though potentially more of the first thing on that list because I need a good fast to get rid of all that sugar.

But today, we're all headed off to the outskirts of civilisation for a family celebration. Mayhem has come of age and we're doing sausage sizzles and whatnot with assorted relatives in order to mark the occasion.

I thoroughly expect more carbs to be present at the gathering.

And on Monday, I return to a life of virtue.

What I did notice about my carb adventure was that my senses altered really quickly. Water ceased tasting nice, and so too did the sugar-free cordials we employ. It's amazing I'm not totally dehydrated after yesterday.

Anyway. I had best get on with today's nonse.