Challenge #01697-D236: Monstrophilia

[about a six year old]

"You must admit, her enthusiasm [for horrible monstrosities of nature] is quite charming."

"You mispronounced 'alarming'." -- RecklessPrudence

Pari was six and freaking loved dinosaurs. There is something about the age of six that makes children magnetically attracted to dinosaurs, and nothing can be done about it. However, in Pari's case, she was obsessed with paleontology. She was not yet a strong reader, but learned to sound things out by pronouncing the greco-roman names of her favourite beasts.

She got sent home for excavating the sand pit. Never mind that she found fourteen previously-lost toys, five pairs of underpants, and the fragments of at least one binkie. And the next month, her father allowed her to excavate a patch of the backyard. Allegedly to keep her out of such trouble at school.

Pari could tell the layers of soil she dug and, though excited to find the remains of a previous owner's parrot, determined that it was a recent interment and was even able to point out where the soil had been rearranged. It was her dream to find a real dinosaur all of her own. And in the meantime, she learned to read all the complicated words before she got to the easy ones meant for her age.

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