Sunday, we're going to a thing. Today, we're not doing a thing.

Well, apart from the usual fiction installment.

Mayhem had a marvellous pig-out all day, yesterday. And may have cause to regret his choices.

I, too, regret some of my choices as I broke Keto with my little darlings and enjoyed myself with all kinds of forbidden fruit.

...and gained 1.5 kilos of what Beloved swears is water weight.

Beloved says that breaking Keto for short periods at intermittent times is actually healthy because of the Smarty Pants Factor. And it goes a little something like this:

Your body is the ultimate smarty pants. If you calorie restrict and go exercising, your body is going to clue on to this and lower your metabolism on you. Which is why traditional diet and exercise regimes will ultimately make you fatter in the long run.

Meanwhile, if you load up with fat and exercise, the body will get used to that as well and seek a stability plateau that often makes dieters give up.

The trick, apparently, is to keep your smarty-pants body off balance. Just as it gets used to one way, hit it in the face with the other and make it wobble around for a bit.

I, for one, am doubting how good this is for me because carbs==asthma flare-up for me. But, amazingly, today's flare-up is more annoying than life-threatening.

I should still go on Max for a good dose, but I can wait.