According to the schedule, we should be having some of those today. Going places. Seeing things. I have no idea what the PLNs are, so this promises to be entertaining.

Possibly entertaining after the fact, and to outsiders, but that's how it goes.

Adding to the potential hilarity is the fact that I have a Cyclone Headache. Brought on by a low pressure system somewhere within twenty kilometers or two hundred. I forgot to get myself some ibuprofen and ascetominophen so I'm (a) in pain and (b) just a tiny bit screwed.

If I can grab some today, I should be fine. Meanwhile, I just have to suffer and hope the weather breaks. Some of it must have broken during the night, because this morning is a lot cooler than yesterday. A fact for which I am extremely grateful.

Stories shall happen as soon as possible. This is a highly distraction-potential kind of day.