Aah, Friday

A busier Friday than normal, but still... a relative day of rest for this nerd.

But it's also a cleaning day, so that means I'm working a lot more than normal. Usually, on a Friday, it's all relaxed despite having a thousand words to generate and a son to fetch from Banyo.

Today? I'm not so sure.

I have to make a phone call to talk to some people about getting Mayhem's phone fixed so that it's not a brick any more. Plus arrange a Mum's Day gift for MeMum before the actual day happens.

Mayhem passed the written test to get his Learner's, and now the race is on to find a driving school to teach him good habits before we infect him with our bad ones.

And because Mayhem did so well in his test, all of my grocery money has gone down the tubes. Yay. No regrets though. Would much rather my kids have their freedom and not have to depend on others to get anywhere.

Onwards... part of my mission today is to finish another section of Crime and Punishment before Monday looms because that's the new material I'm feeding to my Patrons now.

Vroom vroom.