So we had some hail. Light hail, thank goodness. But it served to wake me the heck up and make sleep impossible for me since.

On the plus side, I did get another story edited for episode 15 of Inter-Mission. I'm that little bit further forward on that count. Yay?

The best news today is that my Beloved will be bringing me an emergency supply of Ashwagandha so I can brain during the rest of this week. It's almost time to be awake for reals, so I might just get on with the usual shenanigans instead of trying to get more sleep.

This won't affect my health at all ::coughing fit::...

For reals, though, I should get my balance back once I have my meds sorted. The next thing I have to do is get my hands on more pregnenolone because that's my other braining drug. No worries about me, I can afford that, this week.

Hopefully, I can get that noise in bulk without having to wait absolute ages.

So I should get all my braining meds at once if things go well.

Onwards to the nonsense.