Challenge #02468-F278: Tougher Than Tough

"What's wrong I heard screaming!?"

"Oh, hey can you help me get my hand out of here?"

"I was practicing with Australian Bull-oak and made a hole."

"What were yo- by the stars you're bleeding!"

"I know that so help me!" -- Anon Guest

[AN: Changed the spelling of Buloke so people could read the prompt a smidge easier]

Humans with a fascination for martial arts -especially fictional martial arts- are more insane than what passes for normal amongst Humans. Some part of them wants to believe that the things they see on the screen can be real, and that they can do what it took several actors, a team of scriptwriters, stunt-men, and special-effects people to make look real enough to be believable.

Things like stabbing one's hands into containers of sand, beads, or lentils makes a certain amount of sense. Doing so causes microfractures that, thanks to Deathworlder healing abilities, make the hand bones stronger through natural re-enforcement. Theoretically, tapping wood with the fingertips or other parts of the hands is the same principal, but with less danger to low-gravity environments. This was, as evidence decreed, the logic behind Human Pel's little board.

The little board that had a series of instructions written on it... and one unfortunate knothole that was not resistant to persistent, percussive pressure. Now, raw, dry buloke wood was splintered in Human Pel's flesh with no immediately foreseeable way of withdrawing flesh from wood without further damage. After the initial scream, Human Pel was remarkably calm about the entire predicament.

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