I'm looking forward to getting some decent rest, this weekend. Toasty, the legend, needs a breather from drawing her fid. Therefore, I am getting an entire night's sleep tonight.


My experiments are yielding results:

  • Wet pallets make the paint go 'funny' over an extended period of time, turning the paints there into washes by accident. Solution - mor layers!
  • It doesn't matter if the primer is grey or black, the colours seem to go on just fine with enough care and attention to detail.
  • Including white.

I'm amazed.

I'll also be experimenting with drybrushing and underpainting before drybrushing as time goes by. See which one looks the most effective and so on.

Good thing it's a practice dude. I can fuck up in multiple directions and live with the shame. I mean... I'm already pretty darn finicky with my brushwork, so I should be tumbling down the rabbit hole any day now and talking in technical jargon 24/7.

So far the best purchase seems to be the 'model painting brushes' set from Overflow.

Likewise, gold and silver acrylic model paint from Gamestronics for $10 total.

Onn my next test dude, I shall be combining my learnings to achieve an overall Look. Watch out.