That was a lovely nothing, this weekend. I enjoyed it heartily.

Today, I have a poll so all my lovely followers can vote on what they want me to write. As you can see, my subject kittens are proliferating nicely.

I have more ideas than I have time to write. Fingers crossed that keeps me going until I reach a grand old age.

Today's another day of the grind, but this time, I can play my vinyl collection again. As I suspected, Beloved's rebuggering of the system meant that playing vinyl wasn't on the menu. Fortunately, a reasonable twenty-so minutes re-rebuggering the entire setup means that vinyl is back on the entertainment menu. Yay.

Which means that I can get back to cleaning and testing all my rescue vinyl, then listening to all the other stuff as the mood/occasion decrees. Huzzah.

I only got to play a few minutes in the modern "cake" seed, and therefore didn't find anything fascinating or weird. Alas. I did build a 5x5x4 Starter Hut and start a mine, but... nothing fancy just yet.

Further news if any later.

I should spend some time today editing some more eps for Oh My Mods but... I dunno. Enthusiasm wanes on that project. Time and energy are valuable resources and lately, that one's been just... meh.

Not having any views kind'a sealed that, I guess.

Meanwhile, yesterday's Instant got a record breaking (for me) one thousand and sixty-four votes.

I am scary good at writing psychopaths. Holy fuck.

My basic formulae for doing it goes thusly:

1) Recall Vincent Price as the highly civil villain in just about every movie he was ever in
2) Mentally run Axe to Grind by Boom Crash Opera in my head
3) Especially the "no cause for alarm, my dear" refrain
4) Temporarily turn off about 90% of my moral centres
5) Run barefoot through every single one of my bloodiest "if I could get away with it" fantasies about the worst people I have ever heard of.

After that, it practically writes itself. I can tell you that I must have hit a nerve because - DANG. The most votes I have ever seen for anything. Yikesamundo.

Let's see what I can come up with today.