Okay. Now that I am no longer obsessing about getting last year's Year of Instants out into the world, I can now obsess about selling off Adapting to some luckless lucky soul out there that I can find who might just be interested in this kind of thing.

The usual run of madness be happening today. Money run, house unfuckening, Instant and 500 words in the novel. I have money in the bank again, but I'm still pulling my head in because I should never reach the point where I have a sum total of $40 in the bank again.

Step one: Always make sure I have enough money for next week.
Step two: Don't spend that before I should.

Easy enough, right?


I love me some shiny, shiny things.

I also periodically want to help some peeps out online and... yeah. Too much heart, not enough nouse.