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Once more a shiny idea has waved its butt seductively in my direction. The good news is that all my $5 Patreons will be seeing it next week. At least, that's how I assume the Patreon stuff works.

Yes, folks, I have started writing some The Adventure Zone fanfic. Including my headcannon about what Taako looked like before the Animus Bell adventure.

I'm already having huge amounts of fun with it, so my $1 Patrons are in for a treat.

Today, however, is a cleaning day. Which means I get to pick up all the mess from the Crack Slaw and the chocolate praline "muffins" I made yesterday. Woot.

The "muffins" turned out to be very bitter. I shall be consuming them with loads of cream. Next batch will contain more Stevia than the two and a half cup-equivalents I chucked in there. And I won't be sticking pure cocoa melts on top any more. That was just a very bad idea.

Fortunately the green colouring of pure Stevia dust didn't translate into green in the food. I'll have to see what it does with whipping cream. At a later date.

As for now, I must await the bus. And work on the 'inking' of Beauties and the Beastly's cover. Yes, folks. The master sketch is done and I've moved on to the line work.

Wish me luck.

I think I'll need it.

Slow Progress and Updatey Promises

It's cleaning day, so that means that anything I post will likely be posted in the afternoon.

I will be attempting to post a progress speedpaint of the cover-so-far for Beauties and the Beastly. That's going to be... "fun".

Also in the "fun" pile is unriddling what the flip is wrong with the latest animated shot for SESP. I might have to brute force that mofo or something. That's probably not happening until tomorrow.

Also, all art is slowed because my time

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Almost there

There's just a few wood scraps waiting for their destiny in the skip. We got a majority of the sheer volumes of crap GONE.

Our yard no longer looks like a disaster zone. The patio concrete is firkin filthy, and that won't change any time soon. Sadly.

There's still mountains of Beloved's crap to deal with, but they're going to run out of excuses or get tired of my asking one day and just deal with it.

Or I could shove every

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Finding a New Swing

Getting into the swing of things has always been a major league hurdle for me. Holidays are when I drop one of the balls I have flying about and stop arting. However, my current project is inspiration enough to make me want to art. Finding the time is the problem.

My entire schedule normally revolves around the kids. Kids who are now in Scenic Coominya for some time-share with their Grandmother. So the time I reserve for arting - waiting for Miss

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Help is coming

The cleaners are coming, today! This just one day after I get the mess in the kitchen down to the stuff that has to be hand-cleaned only, and a few minor mop-ups from dinner spills.

I am much looking forward to having an orderly house. That way I can focus on working out what to do for Chaos' birthday [She wants a steampunk party and I'm kind'a stuck for ideas that don't involve me doing a shit ton of artsy fartsy stuff

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Challenge #01545-D084: Hoarded Labyrinth

Unpacking a Packrat's Hoard. -- Anon Guest

It was a lovely old house, that was certain. It was such a shame that it was filled, floor to ceiling, with packrattus. Great-Aunt Shirl had been one of those people who kept the wrapping paper off of her presents and the stubs from her movie tickets. Everything she had, was kept in the box it came in. And the shopping bag it arrived home in. About the only thing she threw out was the

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A good start. Almost.

Everyone is organised, lunchboxes are packed, everyone is clean and dressed and ready. I even have time to sit down and write this blog. Before 7AM.

We just forgot to go on our walk, today.

If we still have time by the time I've finished my salty broth, I may poke my love to go walking. The plan B is park the car far away from Chaos' new school and get our walking in that way.

But the fact that I have

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New Starts All Over

I bullied my beloved into going for a walk in last evening. Turns out that I'm still tasty to mosquitoes despite my daily dose of vegemite soup with extra salt.

Yes. On LCHF, vegemite soup is not salty enough.

And this morning, we went on our walk before the heat kicked in for the day. Allegedly. The sun was sharp, the walk was hot. We went for the 'figure eight' around both blocks and I managed to keep pace with my love

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Good news, everyone!

I got the short list back from the lovely people at AR&E, agent-finders at large.

I also got a very nice letter saying I should try all of them at once, just for the ego boost. I'm sorry, Beverly, but all the ego boosting in the world is not worth one atom of being rude.

Agents and writers alike tell you every day that simultaneous submissions, especially lying about it by omission, is beyond nasty. Just. No. The letter says

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Signs of progress?

Yes, I'd love some. I looked up the status of my nineteen parcels for EGDB, and nothing has yet shifted. I've also discovered that Auspost is absolute shit at tracking things from China.

I can't wait for the day that I'm big enough that I won't have to worry about this shit.

Chaos keeps complaining about being forced into a Dutch Braid rather than a French Braid. All her arguments are currently illogical so I guess I'd better actually show her why

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Moving right along

I did a little composing in Garageband, and I learned a few things. If I want to make a new tune, I have to record it and then tweak it in the piano roll later.

Beloved also told me how to import instruments. Possibly again. I have a shocking memory.

But there is now a loop-able jingle for my eventual e-store that uses the note progression E, G, D, B as a cheerful background to two other loops from Garageband. And since

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Gradually unfucking my house, and my life

I'm getting there. The floor needs a sweep and I might just make the brats do that because I'm having a low spoons day. When I get up from my blogging duties, I will enter another basket of washing into the eternal cycle of sorting clothes.

I nearly have a full bag to take to Saint Vincent's. All clothes that Mayhem or Chaos or both have outgrown.

I'm still hanging on to a pair of size 16 jeans in the idle hope

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Achievement Unlocked!

I made it all the way around the walk without needing my puffer this morning!

Alas, however I carry my brolly, it's going to hurt my wrist. Carrying it under my elbow actually hurts more because I have to wrap my arm around it for stability. I may have to make that scabbard, after all.

I'll look very silly, but at least my joints won't ache.

It's humid, this morning, and I'm feeling the heat. Air conditioning would be marvellous, but I

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So it looks like trans women being able to bear children is much closer than I thought



Trans-Uterus speculations

Uterus Transplants have successfully been completed (for cis women) in the last few years:

One (cis) woman has given birth so far from a transplanted uterus

A trans woman has stepped forward to be the first to attempt this proceedure

And finally, science can now grow (cis women) a vagina from their own stem cells

If the transplant people start talking to the stem cell people, this might be viable in my life time!

OH MY GOD! this

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