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Disorganised Today - Datorganised Tomorrow

A 8-post collection

Catching up

I've cleaned all my vinyl singles and it's looking like there was never a lot of dust in them to begin with. Doing the LP's is going to take longer, because I have to be more careful with them. I've given myself the goal of two per day, there.

I have read through the finished chapters of Rael so I don't have to plough through them en masse when the book is finally done.

I'm just not arting this week. Sorry.

I am trying tea with Actual Cream(tm) in an effort to boost my personal energy levels. It works most of the time, but sometimes, I just need coffee.

Xylitol has definitely been identified as the culprit in my intestinal upset episodes. Looks like I'm back on to Stevia as a sweetener until something else better comes along.

I'm blaming my lifelong allergy to alcohols of every variety. Xylitol, as the 'ol' suffix indicates, is a sugar alcohol, and may be doing things to me because of that.

The creamy tea hasn't worked, this morning. So I may be taking a coffee later on. And my brain is scattershot, so I'm doing a Q&A for Tumblr instead of buckling down and doing the things that needs must be done.

I'm strange, that way. Can't really focus, so I might as well take my time on the things I have to do. I'll reward myself with some gaming when it's all done.

If it's all done in sufficient time.

Statistics Sunday, exercise, and other impediments

We're still not exercising regularly. Alas, alack. It's just not going to happen, what with Beloved going to work at Sparrow Fart in the morning. Morning was our best window for working out. And when Beloved comes home, tired from all the nonse they had to do during the day, they're hard pressed to have a conversation.

But we're both making sure we at least walk every day. I remember the old tricks I used when I was suffering under the high-carb

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Finding that new swing

Okay. So I no longer really have free time in the mornings. I have my alarm set at 5AM so that I have time to bathe before Beloved racks off to work. Then it's pretty much pure chasing my little darlings until it's time to go to school. And each little darling has a different delivery time.

Mornings after dropping off Mayhem are the best time to go shopping for fresh veggie matter so I can have dinner be all delicious and

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Swing mis-swung

We're going to have to take off closer to eight in the morning so that we don't have to wait on Chaos' teachers for half an hour.

Delivered unto school today: One hand-cranked spiralizer so Chaos can make zucchini noodles, two visual fact sheets for lo-carb, and one in-depth one with some of the involvements.

Not all of them, of course, but lo-carb hi-fat diets can help a lot of people. Starting with the basics seems a good way to manage things.

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Herding ducks

Almost, but not quite as bad as herding cats. But I have to line up all the ducks for Chaos again because...

  • The free paediatrician managing all of the ASD nonse has moved to Cape York or somewhere that's an embuggerance to get to.
  • Leaving myself to break in a new paediatrician
  • AND I have to round up all the paperwork that will see Chaos in a special school for her higher education
  • Which might also mean that I'll also have to
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Payday! Time to get broke

It's the payday just before school, so today will be full of shoes, socks and jocks. Water bottles and hats. And hoping that Officeworks will have the shiznit we need in time.

I have some money squirreled away, just in case. I hope it won't be necessary, though.

Today's big challenge will be keeping the kids awake all day. They've got used to the old siesta and school won't let you take a napnap. The barbarians.

With luck, we should have everything

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This time for sure

All my gassing yesterday came to exactly nowt. The doctor's phone was engaged. I ran out of both impetus and spoons to go do the book thing. And the floor never got swept.


BUT... I did get more nibbling done. And I have to re-nibble the kitchen countertop before encouraging some of my family to help clear off the fridge-top because the stuff up there is bad.

No more hoarding egg cartons. Nobody wants them any more. Best to recycle them

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Lovely dawn, this morning

I woke up before it happened, so I got to see most of it.

Chaos' appointment went well enough. Regular appointments on a yearly basis with reports from other experts seem to be the order of the day. Finding said experts to suit my budget [$0] is going to involve a lot of running about.

Occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychiatry... I'm willing to bet that none of those are exactly cheap. Even with health benefits and whatnot.

So many 'Igottas'... I gotta

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