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Broken 'flow'

I get used to doing things a certain way. I get up, wee, weigh myself [89.3kilos. The first time I've been below 90 since age 20!], water the garden, rouse the kids, shower, and get on with keeping everyone in line.

Then I do my blog, Instant Story, and any other writing that I want or have to do.

But when things screw that up, it really screws up.

Yesterday, I assumed that I'd done my Instant. Why? Because yesterday was all about learning how to use OpenSCAD - an amazingly simple 3D item creator, and the problems with my forum and why they stopped me doing my Instant faded into the background because 3D printers are cool.

The problem with my forum was the Spinny Wheel of Doom. I could not do anything with defunct prompt topics until the page in question finished loading, and it never finished loading. And since I was two prompts in at this point, I was running the risk of forgetting which prompt I'd done and repeating myself.

Now that everything's updated, there's still a few teething troubles. Like the inability to open my stories for reader comments.

Stay tuned. Normal service will resume as soon as we can all figure out what 'normal' is.

So that needed to get fixed, but Beloved was all about fixing my cosplay before Halloween, and teaching me how to use this program [so easy that even a 44YO techno-dummins like me can use it!] and printing the resultant new bits for Bitzer. Her hip handle now looks a little bit more plumbing-industrial and less desperate improvisation. But on the plus side, at least it won't be falling off anytime soon.

I'm still waiting for word back from the nice people at AR&E about agents I can sell myself books to. But I'd prefer a good job to a rush one. Some controversy has arisen over my pronouns, but then they had controversy over eBooks back in the day. It's time to drag the publishing industry a little bit further into the 21st century.

And yes - I used the argument about genitals being 0.013% of the human body, and therefore statistically insignificant.

Beloved has a day off, today, so that makes my day slightly more sideways than it has to be. But I plan on enjoying this sideways as much as I can. Beloved-time is valuable.

I have yet another theme song

You can bet money that it's from Steam Powered Giraffe, best band in the world.

Check it out:

Now that you have that song stuck in your head, it's my duty to inform you that you can still pre-order the bound-to-be-amazing albumest album to ever album, Quintessential over at Coughcoughshamelessplugcoughcough.

My family and I are off to the outer reaches to do a party for Mayhem, today. Which means I have little time to myself at all this

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I'm going to be far from home on Election Day, so Beloved is taking me to fill out my poll nice and early. I will be taking my time telling my governing body exactly where to stuff it.

At least this sort of nonse is down to once every four years. For all the good that will do. It just means one more year of stuffing around before we play the same ballet again.

I've looked up the most sensible parties and

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Business is booming!


But I did sell a pair of commission earrings to Beloved for $15. Which will be mine come next payday.

The design is so nice that it might just enter my stock. It's something to consider, certainly. Check 'em out:

[Shown here: Triple-thread earrings with pink sparkly beads and pink hearts]

Apparently, I spend more time on Miss Chaos' hair than I do making bling 9_9 But hair is more complicated, Beloved. I am not crazy for spending time and

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