Today's the day I get a blipectomy. Today's also the day I decided that it's just too hot and muggy to sport longer hair, so I shaved it off. And Beloved helped get all the bits I didn't because I can't see what I missed when I have my glasses off because I'm shaving my head.

And because I am made of mischief, we decided to dye the stubble a pale blue. Which means I'm currently soaking my scalp in bleach so that my remaining natural brown will vanish and the blue will actually show up.

And, let's face it, it's a pretty good distraction from the oncoming doom approaching that shoulder blip. I do not like getting cut open. Day surgery is great in the long run, but I suffered pretty awful the last time and this time, at least, there's fewer nerve endings in the back to be bothered by the fact of a very precise injury.

Well, I just rinsed and the first dose of bleach didn't do very much on what's left of my hair. Going to have to bleach it again. Yay.

But at least I won't be sweltering for a goodly while. And I might have enough hair to look "okay" come the Christmas photos.

And in other news: Beloved and I went to the movies, yesterday, and the only halfway decent thing showing was Doctor Strange. Yes, I know all about Bendytoot Cucumberfart's multiple sins against people who aren't white, able, and English. But we wanted to go out for a change and this was the only halfway good option.

Doctor Strange is really a potboiler hero's adventure with very little to merit it. Cucumberfart does arrogance incredibly well, and it must be all the practice he gets in real life. That said, there's no zinger lines worth remembering, the only funny bit is when Strange thinks with portals and starts nicking books, and the obvious padding in the third act is blatantly obvious.

I'm bootlegging the sequels. Assuming I ever want to watch them.