So I fucked up, yesterday, and didn't post the paragraphs and shortcut to yesterday's fresh story. As far as I'm aware, only ONE of my readers even bothered to point this out.

This site is pretty much me whining about stuff and occasionally pointing at other cool things I've done.

Other things I did not do - work on SESP.

That's right. I farted most of my day away and didn't look at my email or even do much that was productive at all. AND I LOVED IT. Also, went shopping and snagged some Coconut Balsamic Vinegar. It has WAY less sugar than the common market kind and maybe I can reduce my carb intake with the stuff.

Also I binged some Samurai Jack. I'm watching it from Ep 1 so I can appreciate the new eps.

But the key thing is... do I even need to run this site any more? Sure, I love having my emotions out about things on an environment where it's completely under my control, but... I have 391 followers on Tumblr, and only one noticed that I hadn't posted my story shortcut thing here.

Well. One actually bothered to tell me. Might not be the same deal.

I'm also pondering Patreon and levels of love that supporters could get. My Beta-readers don't seem to like Beauties and the Beastly, or they don't like getting back to me about it. Having a Patreon means I could have extra Betas on my unpublished chapters.

So I was thinking of something like:

  • $1/month - Level 1. Patrons have access to chapters in the Editing Phase
  • $2-5/month - Level 2. Patrons have access to Editing Chapters and my currently-working-on-it fanfics
  • $6-10/month - Level 3. Patrons can trawl through all my unfinished fanficcery(as well as the rest). Comments to spur me on are appreciated.
  • $11-15/month - Level 4. Patrons have access to chapters from the book I'm currently writing. As well as all the rest. Option to have your name/alias appear in something I'm working on.
  • $16-20/month - Level 5. Patrons have access to chapters from the book(s) I shouldn't be writing yet but find irresistible. As well as all the rest. Option for a cameo in something I'm working on.
  • >$20/month - Level 6. Patrons get my personal chat details and the right to bug me about whatever. As well as the rest. Option for specific thanks in my After Word in something I'm working on.
  • >$100/month - Level Superstar. Patrons get a facetime chat at a time of convenience per month of loving support. As well as all the rest. Option for a free copy of the most recently done thing. With signature.

Of course, all benefits kick in after I have the money. I've heard about Patrons pledging and then cancelling after they raid the benefits. Not gonna happen.

I have enough content lurking around to fuel new things every week. At least for a while. The real question is whether or not Patrons will also have access to my legal name, which could spoil things as far as the whole "I'm gender neutral because I want to be judged on my writing's merits alone" thing I have going on.

Also, thanks to everyone who gave me Paypal money and didn't blab. You're gorgeous people. Using a different name on Paypal is a pain in the butt and I can't afford to make a corporation or whatever in my pen-name just yet.

Might be able to do it if I get Patreon money. I shall have to investigate at my leisure. Also, authors tend to put their rants on WordPress, so that's where this daily blither will go if I decide to shut down this realm.

Not that I'm likely to shut down this realm. I like having my personal URL to do with as I please. Who knows? I might post my fids here and hardly anything else. We'll see.

So. All of you who read these blogs and actually care - what do you think of the Patreon option? Is it workable? Do you have hints and tips? That's what the comment box is for :) Fill that mofo in with your thoughts.

They do count.