When can I slow down, please?

Interviews, organising, appointments, paperwork... And the endless array of housework that still must be done.

I'm close to having 300 followers. I'm moderately sure that most of them might care about a competition. Or care about the stuff I post. Or even read any of it.


That's the trouble with AI followers. They run blogs that seem real, but you can't tell until they fail at instructions. And even humans can fail at instructions.

But I can rig it so that failing instructions disqualifies the entrant, and thus filter out the kind of followers who don't actually read things coming out of a lit-blog.

And I'll be offering some of my hand-made earrings, so that has to be a bonus.

That will happen when I finally have my earring-making station all set up. Which might not happen any time soon. But it HAS to happen soon because I'm hovering on the cusp of 300 followers.

And I still have to do the agent hunt. And Mayhem is having a birthmas soon.