I'm doing great at slacking off. For specific definitions of "slacking off". I've learned that there is such a thing as FLAC format, which is the high-definition digital whatsit that all true audiophiles should be saving their media in. I've learned that there are places that will sell you good storage solutions for your beloved vinyl. Including new dust covers in case your old ones got ruined by a certain audiophile store that doesn't give a shit about their cheaper vinyl.

There's lots of people who will help you love your vinyl.

There's even a way to copy stuff from vinyl onto FLAC, I have no doubt, but I still want to listen to those old disks and I will so ner.

I doubt any of my kids will care (though Mayhem is showing some interest) about any of it after I'm gone. Maybe I'll be around long enough to find someone who loves old vinyl who can look after it then. I can only rescue albums while I live, after all.

Wow. That took a gloomy turn.

Anyway. Getting a container for my 45s is a priority, since I rescued a LOT of them... Followed shortly by getting new dust covers for any rescued 45s that still play. If they don't play, I have to take them back and then they get turned into art. Once in a while.


I have no idea why Beloved is getting all this sound stuff when they've confessed to me that they're tone deaf. It's one big WAT across our lives. It won't matter to Beloved that the sound we get out of whatever is the best possible thing. But then, they know I love music... possibly obsessively... and got all of this stuff so that I could enjoy the things I love best.

It's true. I got me a sweetheart.

And I also got a whole bunch of mince stew going before I sat down to do anything productive. As in - huge amounts of soup. I got so many vegetables that I have to use the stock pot to cook it.

So that's why I'm late in getting anything done.

Also, I'm re-ripping some CD's into FLAC format so I can put them up on our new, whiz-bang digital media storage device.

Yeah. Distracted.