I got too many carbs. I ate too many carbs. I am up and over the 77 kilo line, and I pretty much should stay solidly on my diet for a fortnight, but DANG...

That was some lovely stuff.

I am also falling under the thrall of Mayhem's bug. It's a slow decline for me and, with the help of ginger tea and a lot of taking it easy, I should recover in time. Doesn't stop me feeling mildly like shit today though.

This morning promises to be serenaded by the Best Band in the World(tm) - Steam Powered Giraffe. They have a live youtube concert happening and my arse isn't shifting. I'm more motivated to get today's tale down, but it isn't happening in the immediate future because those robots are gorgeously distracting.

The stream's having technical issues, so maybe I have time...

We'll see.