We saw the latest Transformers movie

Beloved is a fan of some really unfortunate stuff. Alas, alack.

And because Michael Bay's stuff is so damn forgettable, I gave myself the task of counting every single blatant boob shot in the film, or when a female character's body got otherwise sexualised on screen. Thanks to Bay's love of Pervy Cam, I counted fifty nine shots where either of the two female characters were sexualised.

And this included a (clearly) underaged girl. She got six tittie shots and an uncounted number of follow-that-ass action scenes. AN UNDERAGED GIRL!

I also found it amazing how often Angelina Jolie lookalike, Laura Haddock's wardrobe morphed from chaste and non-sexualised covering up to plunging neckline between shots. We were even 'treated' to a solid five minutes of looking her square in her lacy bra. She even publically offers to take her clothes off.

The way the female characters are treated from one shot to the next seems almost... fractured. As if two people were shooting this movie. One decided to de-emphasize the sexuality of the TWO WOMEN who had a significant role in this movie, and the other... was Michael Bay, suspected pervert.

The actress Isabela Moner is sixteen. Beloved and I are debating whether her character was sixteen or fourteen in the movie, but still, Bay put her in a clingy top and showed international audiences both her breasts and her arse numerous times.

I didn't count Moner's arse shots because it took me half the movie to realise that Bay kept putting her bum in center frame.

In fact, I might put a rant in my Wordpress about Follow That Ass. And why it's so poisonous to women everywhere.

But that's a job for later. Just like campaigning to remove the cleavage shots from Hollywood's lexicon.