Urgh Blurgh

Turns out my friend did put the cheesecake away. But the rest of it...

No rational explanation.

The pie plate was plastic. It could not have made an aluminium pie plate noise, no matter how hard it tried.

And the shadow of someone or something that wasn't there... it still creeps me out. Not in a bad way, of course. More like, "Whoah, that was weird."

And -hey- this is one of the few things I can't exactly explain, and everyone needs at least a couple of those in their lives. A life without mystery is rather boring.

So far, I have had rational explanations for lots of phenomena. Every UFO has been a plane or an atmospheric phenomenon. Every cryptid either too ridiculous to exist or easily explainable by prankers. Every ghost story, or most of them, could be a tall tale.

And... I'm introducing my Tumblr followers to the great Aussie holiday of Girraween. I'm going to make a post a day right up until the 25th of July as if everyone knows what the heck I'm talking about.

The more fellow Aussies that join in, the better.

And the real fun's going to be seeing how many peeps join in come next year.