New med schedules are kicking my arse. Sure, I get a good night's sleep, but afterwards is the buttnugget.

I've figured out that light levels are linked to the amount of awareness I have during the day. Too much or too little, and the groggy, foggy feeling returns in abundance. Just the right amount, and I'm 'clear' while that light lasts.

And I'm currently writing this with a light in my face. Care of the same light I used to illuminate myself during the making of that makeup video of mine.

I'm still distractible, but at least I have clarity of thought and can plausibly function close to normal.

And in other news: today we get paid! So that means I can finally go snag myself that phone case I designed that shows my nerditry for SPG but doesn't actually give SPG any money because they don't do phone cases.

The instant they do, I'll get one. No mistake. And I have every intention to get myself some official SPG merch. It's just that postal fees are a little tiny bit heinous. And getting anything from overseas is a crapshoot -_-

I'm running the same risk with the phone case, but... you know. One anxiety at a time.

As a side-effect, there is an almost epic disinterest in doing the house maintenance stuff. Having energy to do things is different from having the energy to write or think.

Either way, I'm pretty sure that my Serotonin dose needs to be cut in half. I get to chat about that on the same day that I might just get the bandages off my wound for once and for all.

Fine tuning firkin sucks.