Unexpected Improvements

What I learned to expect from doing a LCHF diet was a general improvement to my health. What I didn't expect was a reversal of ageing indicators. I already mentioned in an earlier blog how my knees have come to function more properly than they have in two decades.

So along with the arthritis reversal, we've also noted: a slowing down and an ebbing of unwanted facial hair, a general improvement in skin conditions, stubble where there once was balding, an increase in stamina, and an overall decline of the usual 'fogey-itis' symptoms of being over forty.

Some studies also indicate that LCHF can gradually lessen grey hair.

Carbs manage to poison a LOT of things in our bodies, as it turns out.

And now that I'm at home with eating fats and salt [the biggest hurdle with LCHF], I'm putting on muscle mass at almost the same rate that I'm losing fat. It's practically a miracle.

So my actual weight is jinking around a bit, but I'm still on the same general slope as always. Just like one of those undulating slippery-dips at the fun fair.

And the fat content of my body, as read by our fancy electric scale, is dropping like a stone.

I'm happier about my life. I can't even remember the last time I had a major depressive episode. I feel more alert during the day, and I sleep more soundly at night. Beloved and I are more inclined to cuddle, which is probably a contributing factor in the depression thing, as well. But the contributing factor to the cuddling is an increased libido which is directly linked to not having to fight all those carbohydrates.

And in other news - I can eat Kale with no reaction whatsoever. The leading suspect in my swollen feet is now something in the general atmosphere of Coominya. Not the table salt, because I rarely touched salt in my pre-Keto days and my feet still swelled right up on me.

Three cheers for unexpected and undetectable allergens. Hip, hip. Booooooooo.

MeMum has unloaded a drama bomb today. It's all about the pending doctor visit and me having an 'attitude' and trying to 'convert' him... as if that's evil, somehow? I don't get it. I really don't.

Why is it so bad to give people a way to get healthy and stay healthy? I'm actively doing the opposite of plotting to kill anyone.

I'm only turning everything MeMum knows about proper diet completely on its head. To improve her life. And her quality of life. And her mental health. And her overall health.

But apparently, that's a reason to get hostile.