Next election for sure, the coal-loving administration is out on its collective arse. We, as a nation, are pretty much going to have to vote for anyone who promises to do something for our environment or suffer worse next time.

Odds are that very many more won't survive the next time. Lives have been lost. Flora and fauna have been lost. Entire towns are nothing but ash and rubble. It's going to cost billions to even try to rebuild. Billions more than prevention would have cost for sure.

Meanwhile, the people in Team Inaction [aka Team Coal] in parliament will cry that rebuilding costs take priority over any climate action because that lets them take more coal money whilst pretending to care about the people.

I've heard similar songs before. It's time to change the roll on the pianola.

There's a climate rally in Brisbane on the 10th. I would love to be there and add my voice to the thronging crowds. One voice doesn't make a difference on its own, but in a crowd? It's one more in an ocean of dissent.

As Seuss wrote, one extra yop takes it over the top.

Odds are that I'll forget or be advised to stay out of it or something, but... I want to DO something. I'm tired of trusting and hoping. I want to take action.

Going on a personal journey to kick every climate denier up the bum just won't cut it.

Story soon enough.