Tuesday, Day 0, Sleep Spiral

There's two new cases, taking the total to seven. The new cases are from overseas and caught in quarantine. Yay? But the bigger problem is that I am in a sleep spiral.

It goes thusly:

  1. Wake up earlier than expected
  2. Get worn out earlier than expected
  3. Wake up EVEN EARLIER

Lather, rinse, repeat. Until I either stay up long enough to reset or figure out something to get my wakeful cycle back to what passes for normal. It's not going to be great.

In the news:

  • Nation's winning strategy to be completely plague free is to not count any cases at all. Denial FTW! This surely won't bite them in the bum at some point in the future 9_9
  • Promises of the vax aren't as fab as they seem, so don't go taking overseas holidays just yet
  • People mad at trophy hunter online
  • Call to get rid of a suburb's racist name
  • Fauci dunks on the Muppet
  • ScoMo continues to cop shit for his jab stunt
  • Muppet launching his own social media platform. Gettim, Redditors...
  • New bird flu strain. Yay... [/sarcasm]
  • Plane blows up in midair
  • Stone fruits removed from markets after discovery of fruit fry larvae
  • Single mother takes "pandemic road trip" and is found dead in a desert
  • There's another new virus going around because of course there is


Let's get some fiction going.