Monday, Day 8, On the starter blocks

There's five active cases remaining and this is the first time there's been a Day Eight in my tags. Yesterday was the first Day Seven. I'm starting to believe I might actually be able to relax and do things I haven't done inside a literal year. Of course, every time I start believing this, some Moonmelon Tinfoil comes along and just... ruins things.

This morning comes with the news that Beloved can't really sleep with me in the bed and... yeah. I like the snuggles and the security of their presence and I'm vaguely offended by this and not sure of the solution. Bleh.

I also showed Miss Chaos a Zeusophone in action and she was impressed, so not a total loss.

Mayhem and I are coming up with weird items for D&D. So there's now the Thirteen Articles of Chaos.

The PLN today is the same as usual: write flash fiction, unfuck the house, write 500 words, and do something for the Tale Foundry writing contest.

In the news:

  • Australian alternatives to news via Facebook are already extant
  • Another woman surfaces to add to the sexual assault claims centering in Parliament
  • Prince Harry takes second pew to Meghan when it comes to being on Oprah
  • Mum loses 7 fingers and both legs and shares her list of symptoms to save others
  • US adds pressure to China
  • Man saved from cliff face
  • ScoMo tries for heartwarming photo op for the plague jab, fails
  • Anger increases towards China in all corners
  • Giuliani under attack for upskirt comment
  • Someone found a dick via Google Earth
  • Facebook continues to get backlash

I got a bit of time. I should try to commit fiction.