Not only do I have a crook Mayhem to fret about, but there's also a cleaning day. Mayhem's earliest appointment to see the Doc is right about exactly in the afternoon when I need to be watching for Chaos, so there's going to be some juggling there.

Fun times.

I dunno what the everloving eff is up with my bod. I'm under macros but over calories and it's either proof that calories are made up bullshit or something else be going on. I shall be keeping a close eye on any warning signs beyond general lethargy.

I could be in the process of catching the Dreaded Local Tummy Bug(tm), but it could be something (anything) else. I'm not panicking until I get a chain of symptoms to put together.

For all I know, it could be the wrong ashwagandha doing its tricks.

Whatever it is, I kind'a hope it's sorted, because I do not want to be the housespouse that dieticians hate. I mean, I had an entire vanilla slice, last night, with firkin icing, and I still managed to drop half a kilo.

What. The. Actual. Flip?

I don't even know any more.

But I'm still tracking my food so whatever. At least I'll have a record of what up.

It's about almost time to watch for Chaos' bus, so I'd better call in Mayhem just in case the office decides they need a memo.

Bloody tummy bugs.