Things I Wish I Knew About

I'm starting in on the Ketonic Diet and there's loads of info about it if you become a member1. Starting with how this diet could have plausibly saved my father if I had just known about it.

Current treatment of diabetes goes like this: lower or eliminate the sugar, eliminate the fats, give insulin, and load up on the carbs.

Which is mental, because carbohydrates metabolise directly into sugar.

This leads directly to a fatty liver, a fatty pancreas, fatty eyes, and all the progressive degenerations of diabetes. People with diabetes who go with the traditional treatments inevitably gain weight, gain problems, and die sooner than they should.

People with diabetes who go on the Ketonic Diet reduce and then eliminate their dependence on medication. They lose weight, and they cure their disease.

Beloved has lost 2.3 kilos in three days since they started. It might not seem like a lot, but three days ago was the heaviest that the love of my life has been since 2014.

There's evidence that this diet can reduce allergic reactions and help out with asthma. Why? Because gut health, that's why. Gut health has been linked to diabetes, asthma, depression, and a host of other things. And the thing that makes gut health bad is the loads upon loads of carbohydrates in your average modern diet.

We're told we need carbs. It's the base of our food pyramid. It's the basis of our daily energy. But the thing is: you can get everything you need from fruit, veg, and natural fats.

After just one day on the Ketonic Diet, I've dropped nearly a kilo. I feel more awake than I have on my current meds. I'm more focussed and alert. My asthma has yet to die down, but that could be a side effect of the no-brand Zoloft I'm taking.

According to my fingernails, I'm getting enough air. My throat is wont to argue, but I can deal with this. At least until I try to convince my doctor that the Ketonic Diet is the way to go.

You probably won't be hearing about this diet from your doctor for a good long while. You won't be hearing about it from spam. You'll hear about it from friends and family and maybe the odd "How I lost 180 kilos as revenge on my ex" type stories in the Womens' Magazines.

So take my word for it. This diet could save you. This diet could save your family. Spread the word.

  1. Beloved's a member, if you want to watch some informative videos for free, I can hook you up if you message me privately.