Things I do now...

I like to make sure Pokemon go is on and running properly before I go on my morning walk. Since it's a Bad Air Day, I only did one block. And even when I don't see any VR critters, I add some mileage to my incubators.

I've learned that the game is more likely to freeze on it's power-saving screen saver. So when playing, I actively hold it up.

Any message or notification is going to freeze the game, so I might as well mercy-kill it and keep it off when I'm expecting messages.

If the game won't start, I kill everything else running on my phone and cross my fingers.

I'm getting into good habits at home. I'm not letting stuff pile up because of random reasons. Keeping things clean is easier than getting them clean after a massive session of festering.

That has been the hardest lesson in my life to learn.

Now all I have to do is teach it to my Beloved and Little Darlings.

That's going to be the hard part.