These things are meant to try me

Would you believe I'm still trying to upload the second episode of Shaturday Specials? Yup. It's recorded. I have fourteen episodes in the bag... and a shitty internet connection making sure that absolutely nothing gets out.


I swear my second video has been stuck at three hours remaining for all the firkin night.


Anyway, while those go out at a trickle, I continue onwards in my efforts.

I have a second recording all ready for editing. I am going to figure out how to mute one section of video without splicing three clips together if it kills me.

But today is a play day. Which means that most of my time will be taken up with a Factorio LAN party. Beloved, Mayhem, and I get our compies together and have loads of laughs micro-managing a bunch of automated factories and the resources they need.

Case in point, we have re-invented the "Passive-Agressive Takeover". Just like in the olden days of colonisation, we contain the native bugs by building fences around their settlements and then gradually decreasing their range of movement so that we have access to their resources. White people are really, really good at this.

There's no mechanic for making the bugs move to shittier pieces of land, so we have to eventually destroy them "for their own good". God, it's amazing how humanity in general and white people in particular are great at self-congratulatory, self-rationalising double-speak.

We're not reducing their movement range, we're "showing them how to use their space more efficiently". We're not boxing them in with concrete walls, we're "protecting them from a hostile world" or "doing it for their own safety".

The reality, of course, is that we're being utter arseholes to a bunch of critters who were there first. It's only fun when it's virtual, but it becomes wrong when we realise that this is exactly what the people in charge have been doing for hundreds of years.