The system is down

Our LAN server died of inexplicable causes. Some essential part of it just up and died without any warning. So now, I am doing all my work on my laptop, with my phone as a wifi hotspot.

You can easily guess that I'm not going to be around on the internet for much longer after I'm done with my work.

At least I have a good excuse to go back to the arting again. Once I've caught up on the stuff we've downloaded, there won't be a lot to do.

Heck, I might even clean. But I doubt it.

I did get back to exercising. I did a sprint run on the rowing machine and got slightly over 400 meters before I needed a break. That's way below my record, but still impressive for someone who hasn't exercised inside of a month.

Come Thursday, I'll do a slow row. Build up some of that always-burning muscle.

But for now... I have stories to write.