The struggle continues...

It takes longer to twist a piece of wire into being a pin than it does to measure the firkin thing. I have proof.

[Shown here: two rectangular takeout boxes, one with bits of cut wire in it, and the other with wires bent to serve as pins]

That's three hours' work. With extra swearing at the pliers I have because the spring is firkin dodgy. I have to press it back into place between pins or suffer the consequences.

The first upgrade I am getting is better goddamn tools.

On the plus side, this gives Beloved a might longer to figure out the doohickeys necessary to put our logo on the cards we're going to pack the finished earrings on.

And then I can start showing you some of the designs I have.

And then... I will launch this little sucker. And figure out advertising. Shit. I already know that literally nobody wants the URL we have in mind, so it's going to cost $10 to buy it outright. Naturally, I'm not telling anyone what it is until we own it. URL trolls do exist and we just can't afford those kinds of shenanigans.

Within the family, Chaos is happier with her little side-braid now that she can pick out any beads she likes to decorate that tiny strand. And it gives some use to the pony beads that would otherwise have no business in my business.

Alas, I can't make the tiny hair clasp from the hair beading kit work at all, so I'm back to using the smaller hair elastics and trying to put them around enough times to actually stay where they're put. So far, so good.

Maybe by next year, all of her hair will be long enough to stay in a braid.