The down side

Every diet has a down side. Slowly rationing fruit to small amounts so I get just the right kind of carbs in the correct amount is just one of them.

And I've discovered what fellow dieters are calling the "Keto flu". As the body gets used to not having carbs around, it goes into carb panic and starts trying to conserve energy. The result is a listlessness and a lack of energy that gets some people swarming back to carbs.

But what you need is salt. Yes. The other diet demon that we've been told to keep away from. A simple salty broth is just what you need. Not a buttload of salt, of course. Just salty enough.

And it's a fantastic pick-me-up. It works so very well. I didn't even get halfway through my cup and I could feel the morning fog fading away like a miracle.

The other half of the solution is a bit more fat. A little bit more cheese. A little bit more butter. Just enough. You throw off the downer feeling very quickly.

One the body gets over the sugar cravings, everything is hunky and dory.

It's going to be early next year before I'm done with Beauties and the Beastly. I just worked that out. Which gives the slowest of my Beta-readers [you know who you are] a chance to actually get the thing to my email address. Hem hem.

Now that I have a lot more energy, I'm doing things around the house. I put the washing in the dryer. I did a dishwash. And because Miss Chaos is home, I got her to sweep up the debris on her floor. And pick up all the rubbish.

It's going to take her all day, but it will mean a cleaner floor.

And since it's now half-nine, I should toddle off and get some kind of breakfast. And BTW - I now weigh 87.2 kilos.