The best laid plans...

I was going to go on a minor shopping spree, today. And visit MeMum to pick up those bloomers (and maybe have a gasbag).

BUT, yesterday afternoon, some dillhole thought it would be funny to push Mayhem - who then tripped over someone's bag and fell badly. The arm he landed on is still aching "just as bad" as yesterday. The arm itself is sensitive to touch. And there's purple discolouration.

I thought it might be his wrist, but it's his radius and ulna.

So after I'm done with today's content, I'm rattling on up to the hospital to see if it really is a broken bone. I suspect it might be hours wasted for naught... but best to be sure etc etc.

And I can't see MeMum until tomorrow. She's off doing her social thing with the spinners and knitters. And I don't begrudge her a second of it. MeMum doesn't get out much for more than the necessities, and a little frivolous time keeps the brain going.

Plus side - if there is any fragment of luck in this universe, then the heart will be done, today! Yay. Small benefit to a promise of a really shitty day...