That Went Well...

The problem with this time of year is that it's Between Seasons. It's too soon after school holidays for another Kiddie Blockbuster, too far away from the Yuletide Boom for All The Blockbusters At Once.

Therefore, we had a rather staid pre-celebration that included fish and chips and a visit to Lone Star in the evening.

Today... Today, Capt. S is coming up to have a mutual birthday cluster party of sorts with us. So that means that there will be cake after all.


Not a huge expenditure, so I get to keep whatever's left over. I may even devote some time to depositing that immobile cash into my Dreams account.

Not today. Not tomorrow. Not even this coming Tuesday. My week is already almost halfway booked, and it's with mundane trivia.

I need to focus on today's stuff before everyone else wakes up/arrives.