...that lay in the house that Jack built.

We need to bend wire to make the walkways to finish the kitty cat shelter. To do that, we need to make a Metal Bending Brake. To do that we need to learn some metalworking skillz like... welding.

To do THAT... oh boy.

  • Obtain some li'l extras that required the unpacking of an Aldi's brand MIG welder Beloved acquired five-ever ago
  • Return home and assemble everything according to instructions
  • Aldi's brand MIG welder has the motor going the wrong way. It's supposed to pull the wire out from the box, through a nozzle and into the business end of the welder. It pushes the wire back IN.
  • We fart around with the settings for like an hour before calling the service people

Them: Hi and thank you for giving money to Aldi
Us: Yeah we have one of your MIG welders and the motor for the wire is going backwards.
T: Lol your wire's in back-to-front.
U: ??? But? We followed the instructions like good customers?
T: No, your wire's in backwards.
U: Backwards how?
T: You're reading page [NUMBER] of the instructions, right?
U: Yeah, we have the spool on the thing and it says to have the wire coming off from the top...
T: Try it upside-down.
U: Uuuuhhh... how is that going to make the motor go clockwise instead of counter-clockwise?
T: ...
T: ...
T: Uh. Yeah. Maybe you should get a refund on that thing.


  • So now we need a working MIG welder because the refund/replacement process is a 20-week can of arseholes for sure
  • BACK to the tool ppl to get a decent MIG and a welding table because -hey- we're already spending $700 on a MIG, why not have the whole kit?
  • Home again, home again, to watch some tutorials (better late than never) on how to actually firkin MIG weld
  • Whoops, we need more shit
  • Go out and acquire more shit
  • Come back and realise time is running out (2PM) and also we don't have nearly enough of the right cable to reach the shed
  • Beloved goes out for cable, leaving me the task of welding table assembly
  • Welding table comes with mixed bag of screws, nuts and bolts and a complicated exploded diagram in lieu of instructions
  • I barely get the first set of screws out and first two pieces together before -whoops!- Bratrun O'clock
  • Wait for Chaos' bus
  • Realise where my wallet is (Beloved's car) and message them about needing that shit to fetch Mayhem
  • Beloved returns before Chaos and I get my shit together
  • Fetch Mayhem
  • FINALLY get all our stuff together and weld! But we practice on some scrap first because we're not total idiots
  • Something is heinously wrong because all we can make are blobs that don't do shit
  • Research and investigation reveals we were doing everything wrong


And that was our entire yesterday eaten up by random bullshit.