MeMum's compy has been going do-lally and not behaving according to wants. And there was mention of clicking a pop-up... which might mean virii have been installed.

But then again, MeMum is legendary with technological incompetence, and could not properly install the last virus. For all I know, everything is (a) hunky, (b) dory, and, (c) not plugged in properly (again).

Nevertheless, I am installing a damn add blocker. I know some good ones. And so does Beloved.

The little darlings have both submitted offerings of hand-made cards to celebrate Father's Day. We never got the chance to go shopping because illness and busy. And some folks are kind'a hard to shop for.

Today is going to be the third weekend in a row when we're run off our feet for varying reasons. And since I'm still not over the last stages of this damn virus, I fully expect to be wiped out for the evening. And possibly tomorrow.

Bloody virii.