Tech Support Duty

MeMum's having issues with technical stuff again, so I'm leaving the kids with a freezer load of chicken and mutton and the grill press to fill their bellies with warm spicy meats. They definitely know how to thaw and grill a steak. And they certainly know how to eat way more than an adult portion.

Growth streaks are coming. I'm certain of it.

Miss Chaos has up and decided that she doesn't like fish. This shortly after we served her some. Well, fine. One less person consuming fish is one less person encouraging over-fishing and whatnot. She may change her mind about fish later on. We'll see.

I got no 'bites' yet from my call for Beta Readers. Yet. If it's just MeMum and I on these books, things are going to get... tricky. I prefer to have a lot more eyes on a document than our four.

And at least I know my mum reads my books. Even if she disagrees with how I wrote them.

Today's Patreon stuff may well be delayed until tomorrow. I'll have the time then to do all of the stuff I do for sure. Including this week's Wordpress Wednesdays.

Any suggestions for a topic?