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Remember the Goodreads fanfic debaucle?  Well, another site is now doing it.  I just found 13 of my stories listed over on ebooks-tree.com, a for-profit site where I neither uploaded them nor authorized anyone else to do so.

I have a very clear statement that says I do not want my works or translations published on any platform other than AO3, for various reasons, yet this seems to have been completely ignored.

They make revenue off your work via ads and if you want to see any reviews which have been left on it, they want you to create an account with TzarMedia for access.

“Access Required.You need to create an account to gain permission to access unlimited downloads & streaming.“

“Take advantage of our special promotional offer to gain unlimited access for 5 days for free.”

Which, gee, that last line sounds like they’re charging for access to your works, too.

If you write fanfic, please check the site for your own works, Google for your name and the ebooks-tree site.

I just wrote them a letter requesting that they be removed.  I guess we’ll see what happens.

Just a few people’s works I’ve found so far:

mydwynter, holmesianpose (bittergreens), shellysbees, mybrolly, chasingriversong (chasingriver), emmagrant01, moonblossom, bbcatemysoultsuki-chibi (sailorchibi), fanfic-by-plainjane (PlainJane),  beltainefaerie, aggressivewhenstartledshinysherlock, fireofangels, atlinmerrick, bitenomnom, corpsereviver (corpsereviver2), eventhorizon451 (eventhorizon), odamakilock (odamaki), rageofthenerd (phyona), residentbunburyistsuitesamba, whitchry9, aspieat221b, xistentialangst, jamesphillimoresumbrella (tepidspongebath), s0mmersprossen (s0mmerspr0ssen), somanyhands, thesevenpercentsolution, madmaudlinart (madmaudlin), berenwrites (beren), pipmer, earlgreytea68, berlynn-wohl (berlynn_wohl), trillsabells, apostate-tony (starkrogers), verity-burns (verityburns), scarletseeker113, irollforinitiative, sherlockedgal (phuchka), jayez-fanfiction (jayez), welovethebeekeeper, writernonsense,

@bendingsignpost, @kedgeree11, @anarion, @slyviarachel, @hobbitfeels, @entanglednow, @goldenusagi, @annathaemah (moony), @standbygo, @misanthropyray, @luthienebonyx, @dreamlittleyo, @fisheyenomiko, @nicnac, @wendymarlowe, @thirdbird, @mommybird, @ariane_devere, @aurora_bee, @deklava, @keelywolfe, @resonant, @ellen_fremedon, @jesshelga, @expectoprongs, @charliebravowhiskey, @trista_zevkia, @beautifullyheeled

(more coming, I’m still scanning)

This is not a comprehensive list - please check the site for your works.

Please reblog/signal boost this so as many authors as possible know about it.

UGGGHHHH signal boost. I’ll try to email them today too.

I found “Alone on the Water” here.  Email sent.

Just found some of my stories there. :/

A ton of mine are up here, too, so other Cherik and Stucky authors, you may want to check yours… Am off to email them as soon as I post this.

My stuff’s up there too. Go search their site for your AO3 username in case they’ve got your works posted without your knowledge or consent. 

My stuff isn’t on here but I did find stuff from roachpatrol, jumpingjackflash, everlind, elanorpam, and askerian

haha wow.

*shines the the-rigs signal into the clouds*

oh my god these people have my stuff??? what, why

lmao this is really weird

They’ve got mine, too. In Aus, it’s illegal to make money off fanfic [part of the reason why my anthologies are pay-what-you-want] so I really need to know:

Is there any way to get these assholes legally?