Tumblr Sucks

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Who else is having this problem?

I work with submissions and asks, literally on a daily basis.

But lately it seems like Tumblr is trying to kill my blog by being an inaccessible mess.

When I use a submission, my USUAL way of dealing with it is editing it in my in-box and then posting that sucker. Except I can’t do that any more.

NOW, when I use a submission, if I edit it in any way, the post button ceases to work.

NOW, I have to post the submission, then go to my posts and edit there.

This is completely anti-intuitive site design. It’s clunky, it’s awkward, and it makes my daily attempts to gain an audience something akin to a literal agony to perform.

What I want to know is:

  1. is it just me?
  2. is it something I’m doing or not doing with my submissions?
  3. is there an easier way?
  4. is it possible to pay xkit-extension to make a Tumblr-esque site that will import all of my posts, likes, inbox, and queue without a hitch?
  5. if so, how much should I set my kickstarter or gofundme goal for?
  6. if not, is there a site that will do the same thing?
  7. is it worth the agony to switch over?
  8. how many of you gorgeous followers will follow me?

Any and all answers appreciated.