Tony Stark

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(hearkening back to the days of the Nutboard here a bit) - In-a lab in Stark Tower, with-a caffeinated Tony Stark and Sara Adrien, while-a...


“…and the shoulder sprocket connecka to the—” Tony sang.

“KNEE BONE,” sang Sara.

“WHAT THE FLYING HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING?” an exasperated Pepper bellowed.

“Came as soon as I could, yo,” said Todd. “You know ‘bout Red Bull, yeah?“

"Oh, we knew about Red Bull,” said Pepper. She was looking a lot manic. “Not a drop of it in the place. Sara ‘tweaked’ the espresso machine so it could produce something called a ‘Heterodyne Blend’.“

"Omiglob…” Todd took in the thing they were creating. “Sumpin’ tells me that thing ain’t goin’ make it rain Marshmallows.“

"IT’S GOING TO CURE THE WORLD!” Both Sara and Tony howled.

“Cure how?” Todd wondered.

“Apparently, it’s going to make everyone nice against their will. No matter how they communicate.”

Todd stared at the growing device. “Sure yo’ wanna stop ‘em?“

"Free will is a thing,” said Pepper. “Besides, you know the first asshole to come along afterwards is just going to take over a world full of nice people.“

Todd sighed. “Pity.” One last, lingering look at the growing device. “Awright. Let’s start with the drinkin’ chocolate…"

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