Tear Gas

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On Oakland

So, last night I found out fascism was alive and well and living in the Oakland PD.

As a concerned cogniscent being, I went searching for news. Livestreams, anything that was happening that wasn’t being blocked, DOS'ed, or removed.

My 10YO son came shoulder-surfing and asked what was going on.

I had to explain what was happening in America right that moment. I showed him swarms of police decked out in riot gear for a couple of guys singing and playing guitar and a bunch of unarmed folks standing around with signs. It was the only live footage I could find (it was of OccupySF) at the time.

I showed him the injuries of people who had been shot by rubber bullets.

I showed him the recorded footage of the flashbangs going off in the clouds of teargas in Oakland.

I showed him the proof that the Oakland PD had also been firing beanbag rounds. Those suckers are not as harmless as the word “beanbag” would lead you to believe.

Until that night, America had been a fantastic place for him. A place that had all the cool toys and all the advantages. He dreamed of being able to go there one day.

So thanks a bunch, Oakland PD. You’ve shattered the hopes and dreams of a little boy, while at the same time┬átreading on the face of liberty and justice for all.

I also explained that there were good cops - obviously not in Oakland - who heard the criminal orders to open fire on unarmed, peaceful civilians exercising their rights to freedom of speech and public assembly… and told those giving the orders to screw off. In no uncertain terms.

He was stunned that a land allegedly based on freedom could do this to its people.

And he’s probably going to tell his friends and teachers about this.

Nobody can silence the Occupy movement. Nobody can pretend it isn’t happening the way it is happening.

Anyone who attempts to mock it is only mocking themselves.

Occupy is everywhere. It has gone viral.

The revolution has not been televised. It has been blogged and reblogged, tweeted and retweeted. It is passed from hand to hand and mouth to mouth and it is resuscitating the spirit of social justice in us all.

It is too late to stop it.

Something must break. The broken system must change.

Wake up and join us.