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Challenge #02971-H048: Tools of Politics

The king's new "Knife" has been there for several months. At the end of the year, he had absolutely no intention on using his blade. He understood, now, what was really going on, information he made very certain others knew, albeit, subtly as he knew there were those who were still like him out there.

Then in the night, another knife came, but instead of the king, they met the other 'knife' living within the palace. It was time for a talk.

I thought it might be fun to have one would-be assassin meet a former would-be assassin? -- LongTalk

He lived longer than the year he had expected. He had learned far, far more than he had expected in less than a handful of months. Yet, all of this did not cure one thing that Kris had thought was another ailment in his litany of woes. He had trouble sleeping an entire night. Thusly, he took it on himself to guard the King's hallways in the small hours in which he found sleep impossible.

That was how he met a young lad named Dag. He was a shepherd, if the piebald wool of his clothing was any indicator. Like Kris had once, this spotty teen was sneaking along under the cover of the night with a dagger in hand. The boy froze in the halls, trying to figure out who or what Kris was.

"Let me guess, Your Lord of the land sent you to right a grievous wrong. You think killing the King is going to save your fellows back home and you're willing to lay down your life for that."

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Challenge #02891-G334: A Precision Instrument

He sits upon a seat on the balcony over-looking moonlit gardens. From behind a curtain, a young man comes, blade drawn, to take his life. Oddly enough, while there were some guards, he actually waved them away and asked the lad to come closer so he could have a talk with the young assassin.

"I currently rule as king amongst my people. We have the Cardinal Law, ensuring that no one, no matter how poor they are, is left without at least

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