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viixiie: FUN RELIGION FACTS-The Pagan pentacle is a protection symbol-Halloween began Pagan and was sort of taken and altered by numerous...


-The Pagan pentacle is a protection symbol
-Halloween began Pagan and was sort of taken and altered by numerous religious, one being Christianity, and went from a day where spirits could come to visit (also the end/start of the year) to a day to chase spirits away
-“Satanism” =/= Cults. Satanism was created by people in Christian societies who didn’t agree with the “giving” lifestyle. Satanism is about putting yourself first, respecting yourself and others, and being kind to yourself and others
-Satanism is the only religious group to state that you should never engage in intimate acts without full consent from all parties involved
-The “iconic” Bindis of Hindu faith, commonly thought of as simple red dots between the eyebrows of Hindu women, represent the guidance and protection of the Third Eye
-Most Hindu women (~60%) think of a Bindi just as tradition and cannot say what it’s real meaning is, mainly because they started being sold worldwide as small, colorful stickers in huge varieties of shapes, usually bejewelled, and are worn more as a traditional accessory
-Buddha was actually very skinny from fasting, not fat as we tend to view him
-Blackfoot natives believe the earth was created by the sun, and we are his children
-Jesus and his disciples, in Christianity, were in fact not Christian 
-Jewish people are still not Christian despite being the homeland of the Christian bible
-The upside-down cross, hated by most Christians for being “evil,” is actually St. Peter’s cross, from Catholicism (the root of Christianity)
-The Satanic cross is a sideways infinity 8 with a stem coming up in the center, and it has two lines just above the 8, the upper one being shorter than the lower
-Christianity states that women can/are to be sold to a man who rapes them
-Muslim religion states that women are not allowed to dance or otherwise perform
-Muslim women have multiple styles of dress- the best-known hijab, a simple square scarf wrapped around the head; the burka, a full-body cover with a mesh patch over the face for vision; the shayla, a long rectangular scarf drped or pinned around the head and over the shoulders; the niqab, which covers the face and head except for the eyes; the al-amira, a close-fitting cap paired with a veil; the khimar, a long veil that covers head and hair and reaches almost to the waist while leaving the face clear; and the chador, a full-body cloak
-Muslim women wear these by choice outside of the Middle East
-Christianity asked people to practice privately- though they were to educate as much as possible, they were not to force it on others or put it in their face
-Jesus spent his days with the poor, homeless, thieving, or otherwise less fortunate/sinful people, rather than the well-off and pure