Obligatory April Post

A 2-post collection

Challenge #01462 - A187: Remember the Date in Australia

Prompt: romantic date gone wrong. Shayde + Rael - Anon

it was nice dinner 2gethr wen Rael aks Shayde, do u love me 4 eva?

she sed no.

he creys and runs out the place. he runs strait 2 tram trax adn getz hit.

he ded

Shayde come run up 2 him and creys hard. she yel I metn i luv u 5eva!

2 layt!!!!!!!1!!!

Well, this sucks.

I got a court order today. Delivered into my hand. Specifically into the hand of [and I’m quoting the dude who was reading off a script] “the InterNutter who claims to have written a work entitled ‘Misfits’, lately to appear in Google Drive?”

It was a Cease and Desist from Little, Brown Books in general and Stephanie Meyer in particular.

Seems my fic bears an astonishing resemblance to Ms Meyer’s latest series to come

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