Well, this sucks.

I got a court order today. Delivered into my hand. Specifically into the hand of [and I’m quoting the dude who was reading off a script] “the InterNutter who claims to have written a work entitled ‘Misfits’, lately to appear in Google Drive?”

It was a Cease and Desist from Little, Brown Books in general and Stephanie Meyer in particular.

Seems my fic bears an astonishing resemblance to Ms Meyer’s latest series to come out. Almost too astonishing. Reading between the lines of the fine print, my version would show the “professional’s” in a bad light.

Read: I’m too good, but not good enough to be published by these people.

Go figure.

I demanded a galley proof for evidence and I just got it.

Fucking bitch filed the serial numbers off my fanfic and added abusive undertones to the relationships.

Well, she’s in for a shock when she finds out there’s no “the end” yet. And good luck, because I still haven’t figured that out.

But you want to know the most insulting bit?

The serious line-has-been-crossed coup de grace of insult to injury?

April Fool!

[I’m such a shit…]

Yes, I know it’s late, but it took me this long to come up with the right words. I’ve been a tad crook.